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Welcome to Wooden 9

Hi and welcome to our new store, I wanted to set up this space for questions and answers so you can get the most out of visiting here.

What is Wooden9?

We are a apparel and gadget store for people who enjoy the outdoors and being in the woods.  That is why we say it’s everything right outside your back door so we can get people out to take an adventure.


Who does your store cater too?

Our store Wooden Nine caters to the grunge casual look for infants, kids, women and men.  Everyone can enjoy our unique clothing line that is custom made to order. This type of design carries to your home in home decorating with pillows all the way down to your gadgets – your cell phones.


What is your favorite product in your store?

This has to be our Infant Onesies and Leg warmer sets.  We have a exclusive smarty animal collection that is paired with leg warmers and a headband. The leg warmers match every one of our Animal Onesies and they are so cute!

What is Your Shipping Policy?

Since we are a custom clothing store, almost all of our products are made to order.  This takes a little longer for shipping since they are printed after your order them.  A typical shipment is usually delivered within two weeks.  Special items like our leg warmers and head bands are shipped within 4-5 days of your order. The baby accessories are also shipped separately.


Do you offer discounts?

Our Wooden Nine store is new so were hoping to get the ball rolling with orders, so yes we put up a 10% discount on your next order, and hope to have more discounts like free shipping in the future.  All of our products are made in America so they are higher quality and a tad pricier  than the competition but we want to keep our business in America and thriving.